What is the Psychology Behind Online Decision Making?

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We all spend countless hours online on sites like betbonus.co.za. Most of us make our purchases online on a daily basis. But what is the drive behind all those purchases? Have you ever stopped and wondered why you are buying all those things online? Do you really need them? What is the force that makes me decide what to buy? Do I control it?

These are all interesting questions but the main point is that making decisions in real life and online is vastly different. There is a claim that making decisions online is an unconscious process opposed to it being a conscious one in real-life situations.

Let’s look into that, shall we?

For instance, when you read certain things online, do you tend to read everything carefully of do you simply skim through the most of the content? If your answer is the latter, then it means that you like many do not put a lot of effort into actually understanding it, you simply go through it as fast as possible.

This is why all the content on the internet is written in a readable or easily-written way for visitors of the site to understand. This is also the case with internet shopping. Even the font is used in a specific way to attract your unconscious mind. There are case studies that confirm that font styles that are easier on the eye will attract more attention than some other ones.

Things are supposed to be easier to read so you don’t need to make a lot of effort to understand everything. You simply need to know the basics and be ready to click the BUY button.

We then come to the appeal of the site.

Most people will agree that appearances matter when it comes to choosing something, even if it is the site or store where you are shopping. You can’t really buy something if you don’t like the surrounding, would you agree? The sites where you do your online shopping are specifically catered to attract your attention and to make your stay there for as long as it needs for you to make your purchase.

Besides readability, ease of access and appearance, there is also the expertise factor.

This is an old marketing trick to gain your trust. For example, if you are buying a specific product, would you buy it from a person wearing a white coat or a person in shorts? I assume you have chosen the white-lab-coat guy, but don’t worry, most of the people would as this is just the thing that I am trying to explain. You don’t have to believe me, but you should know that I am wearing a white shirt and tie while writing this.

Thus the combination of all these factors is what will affect your unconscious mind.

Being that the online buying process is much easier than the real-life counterpart we are in a sense lulled to sleep with the easiness of it.

We don’t think, we buy!