What are the Best Apps for Shopping Online?

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Our consumer culture has reached a point where we yearn for the fastest and most convenient way of getting to more stuff.

Hence, online shopping!

But it seems that sitting in front of our computer and browsing items to buy is not fast enough. Mobile usage is slowly taking over desktop usage, so it makes sense that online shopping apps are taking over.

It gives us all the convenience in the world to find things that we can spend our hard-earned cash on, besides betting with the Genting bet new customer offer.

So let’s count them out and see which are the most popular ones.

Amazon Shopping

No list would be complete without including Amazon. So I better start with it as it is considered as one of the best.

One of the most important things about it is that it provides almost everything. From accessories, electronics, apparel, beauty, health, etc. It even allows you to get groceries with Amazon Pantry.

You can also include the Amazon Prime for more lucrative deals or use special discounts like Lightning Deals or Deal of the Day offers. 


When it comes to online shopping, eBay is probably one of the most notable names. It may not be your everyday app like Amazon, but it provides you with a pretty decent offer.

In fact, the app version is really good as it does not only come with the usual feature of browsing products or selling them. It comes with a decent barcode scanner that helps you list your own items.

You can also search for things just by taking a picture and the app will find it for you.


What Etsy brings are unique items that you most likely cannot find anywhere else on the internet. Some call it the flea market of the internet, and they are right to do so. Etsy contains a plethora of unique, hand-made items from over 800,000 different sellers.

This app makes all things easier for you. The browsing, the buying, the tracing and even selling. They already had a good idea when they designed Etsy but they have expanded on it by providing a stellar app to go with it.

Facebook Marketplace

After Facebook announced in 2016 that they were making their own online shopping app, I didn’t see it having so much potential. Three years later and my mind has changed. It seems that Facebook has done a really decent job with this idea and the app where they are offering online shopping services.

The idea is that registered users can enter Facebook Marketplace and sell all kinds of items that they want.

For now, the app is available only in the US, the UK, and Australia.


Jet is a saver’s delight. Not only is it a good app for searching for and buying things online it allows you to save money and use the advantage of certain features.

For instance, if you buy more items at the same time, you can get a discount. You can get free shipping for items that cost more than $35. If you feel risky, you can wave your return rights for an added discount.

Additionally, you can pay for anything using Android Pay support.


This app is probably going under the radar by most, but it is the main reason I decided to include AliExpress. Perhaps unknown to most, this might change if its popularity continues to increase.

In fact, this app provides thousands of brands and literally millions of products all in one place. But the best part about it are the discounts. Almost 75% of products offered come with free shipping buyer protection for all products.

There you have it.

Now make those fingers work and check them out!