Reinventing Retail Shopping with Amazon’s VR Kiosks

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Virtual Reality is slowly transforming the world!

We already use VR for various things – visiting other places virtually, playing video games, and even for virtual casinos. It would be amazing if we could one day fully use VR for sports betting as well; can you imagine the fun we could have using a betting code such as Pinnacle VIP 코드 combined with VR? And now it seems that VR is gradually being incorporated in yet another favorite people’s pastime – Shopping!

VR shopping is a totally new concept due to the development of VR technology. I would actually say that it is an expansion of online shopping and that it has a lot of potential of growing even further.

The latest trend in VR and shopping are Amazon’s VR Kiosks!

What is an Amazon’s VR Kiosk?

Quite recently, there have been 10 Amazon VR Kiosks placed in certain malls spread across the country. Oddly enough, the idea came from Amazon India. It is simply a virtual reality booth that helps you explore Amazon’s shopping mall in an entirely different way.

The aim of this shopping  Kiosk is to promote the upcoming Prime Day products and sales that Amazon is organizing.

How Does the VR Kiosk Work?

It is rather simple and intriguing. The simulation first takes you on a hot-air balloon ride around the complex showing you all the brands and products through ads.

After the introductory phase is finished you descend to the shopping city (yes, it is an entire Amazon city) where you can go, explore and eventually shop.

The user has an Oculus Rift headset on while they can interact with objects in the virtual world by using Oculus Touch controllers.

From there on you are free to do whatever you want. You can go through all the stores, touch and investigate the items that you want to buy and even try on some outfits. Generally, it provides the shopper with a unique shopping experience in a completely virtually simulated world.

What Does This Mean for the Future of Shopping?

Now, this is an important question to ask!

It means a lot. Even though these kiosks are placed here for a certain period of time, they are an “experiment” that will give the necessary insight on future usage of this technology.

And they can really do a lot with it!

For instance, we already have online shopping but it lacks the experience of going to a store and being able to examine the items you want to buy. The VR Kiosk can provide you with exactly what online shopping lacks. You don’t have to sit in front of the screen and shop; you can go to the store from your home and feel like you are there. People who dislike online shopping for those reasons will most likely appreciate being able to use a VR Kiosk.

The only obstacle, for now, is making these kiosks commercial, but with some more experimenting and with added features we can see these types of kiosks in our homes really soon.

The Rundown

So am I for or against these Virtual Reality Kiosks…

I would say that I am all for it!

It has a lot of potential and can truly revolutionize the way shopping is done today. It saves time and money and if the goods that you buy can be delivered to you really fast… Even better!

All in all, I would like to see a computer version of this Amazon VR Kiosk made really soon.