The term green technology has been used to describe areas of technology that deal with protecting and preserving the environment. In short, it deals with the production and distribution of energy, limiting wastefulness of resources, and treating issues like pests without harmful chemicals. Let’s see how it works and whatContinue Reading

Today, fitness industry is one of the most lucrative industries on the planet. Being healthy and exercising is the trend now as everybody wants to look good. However, another lucrative rapidly developing industry is Artificial Intelligence. Technology is already starting to shape our world and we are greatly dependant onContinue Reading

One of the most recent trends in shopping that is gaining attention is the implication of voice technology. Although still in its developing stage, there are already great sings that voice-operated shopping will be the way of the future, even for online gaming and usage of casino promo codes 2020.Continue Reading

A few of my friends are web developers and designers. Most of them clock in between 40 and 50 hours a week and complain about different health problems. This isn’t because they smoke, drink heavily, or have chronic or genetic conditions. It is because they sit down. A lot. I’veContinue Reading

Over the past several years, I’ve been seeing articles about self-driving cars. There has been some progress along with a few hiccups. So, realistically speaking, how far are we from actually getting self-driving cars? Maybe one day they’ll be as real and as common as gala casino promo code, whoContinue Reading

First things first – I am not a scientist. The only nanotech I have seen is in movies where they do something awesome with very few instructions, like make a suit of armor for Iron-Man. That being said, nanotechnology is real and it can improve the existing technology immensely. However,Continue Reading

We already know that doing sports is good for your health – increasing your range of motions, alleviating pain in old age, and making you stronger and more durable during physical tasks. However, did you know that sports can also make you smarter? And we’re not talking only about mentalContinue Reading

I love my friends, but sometimes they can be too helpful for my own good. This is especially true when I’m trying to buy something, like a computer chair, a TV, or, in this case, a car. What’s interesting is that the selling point of these things usually revolves aroundContinue Reading