Is It Possible To Make Online Shopping More Eco-Friendly?

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Did you know that online shopping has an effect on the world around you?

Don’t tell me that you thought that you were doing the world a favor by sitting on your a**!

Like any other convenient thing in the world, online shopping has a devastating effect on the environment. It causes pollution and increases the carbon footprint in our world.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m no saint! I buy things online all the time. But after learning about the impact that it can have on the world around us I am trying to cut down on it. Believe me, it’s hard if you’re an addict, but it gets better after a while.

First of all, let me tell you about the impact.

Online delivery requires a lot of different things to go in motion for a package to arrive at your place. Most of the time the delivery companies use a truck or some type of vehicle to get the goods to your home. More trucks equal more carbon dioxide emitted into the air and more delivers mean a bigger requirement for all those trucks.

The result – environmental catastrophe and massive extinction.

Okay, I may have taken it a bit too far there, but you get my point.

Secondly, online shopping also requires containers for goods that are delivered. Most delivery services use plastics containers. Others use cardboard or paper. The plastic containers that are used are in most cases not going to be recycled as people who order don’t really bother to do so while cardboard or paper requires a few trees to die in order for you to get your precious package.

Feeling guilty yet?!

All in all, we are sacrificing a lot just a little bit of convenience. Luckily, there is a feasible solution for it.

Solution number one requires delivery services to think more eco-friendly. Meaning that they should strive towards getting low-emission or zero-emission vehicles. Bicycles are a good option if the parcels are not too heavy.

Solution Numero Duo requires arranging better recycling options. This is where the local government needs to act. Making convenient recycling plants close by will raise awareness about the importance of recycling. Delivery services could also start a campaign where they can advise their customers on how and where to recycle. Additionally, the packages can be made out of eco-friendly or recyclable materials.

Solution three requires the people who order online to change their way of thinking. Or at least their ordering habits. I’m not asking you to stop completely nor to quit cold turkey. Just a little bit “order management.” You can still order something that is far away and you literally don’t have a way of getting it. But if there is something you need which is close, you can still go and get it yourself. I’m saying USE THOSE LEGS! Go out and get some fresh air (while there is some fresh air left) and enjoy a walk to the grocery store and get everything you need.

Hopefully I didn’t traumatize you all, but it had to be done! It is better that we know now and not when it is too late.