Is AI Helping Us to Shop Better?

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One of the greatest battles of recent times is online vs brick and mortar shopping!

We all know who brought home the victory there as online shopping is winning by a landslide. It does make sense, as you think about it. No one in their right minds would get out of their chairs nowadays to go and do some shopping. Especially when it comes to getting something that can be easily delivered in a few hours, or something like bet365 bonus code.

However, retailers have not stopped there and are bringing further innovations in shopping. One of them is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

No, I’m not talking about a Terminator-type robot going to buy some bread and groceries for you. I’m talking about bots.

AI In Modern Shopping

These nifty little things are getting smarter and smarter and are dangerously close to passing the Uncanny Valley, perhaps in a couple of years already. Some people are having trouble discerning between chatbots and real human beings even now.

Now back to AI shopping. Bots are supposed to make the shopping process run smoother and faster. We don’t really have to be concerned about wasting our time going to a store, picking out a product, seeing if it’s on sale or not, yada yada yada.

That’s all in the past. A bot will help in automating the process and getting all those everyday products for you.

But, there is the other side to consider as well. Retailers have to think of adapting their selling strategy to fit bots and not humans. Their retail strategy will have to be changed in a way so they sell to an AI and not a human being.

That simply blows my mind!

This means that sellers have to devise logical strategies and do additional research in order to get robots, pardon, bots to buy what they are selling. Is that really normal? I guess in a couple of years it will be.

Now, I’m all for automation! I think it’s great. I as well don’t like doing chores that I dislike. But I do prefer being able to choose on my own.

Are Bots Really the Future of Shopping?

I am in two minds about this one. I will just have to wait and see how things pan out.

On one side it does really help when buying groceries, detergent, eggs and all that boring stuff. But

But what I am sure about is that I will never give up on the conventional way of shopping.

There is a certain charm to it when you take the time to assess something and see if it really fits you. I think that sort of shopping will never be replaced by bots, no matter how smart they are nor how convenient it gets.

I guess I’m a little bit old-school that way.