Can You Imagine Eliminating Plastic from Shopping?

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If you haven’t been keeping up with the news, the Great Pacific garbage patch is getting bigger. It is 1.6 million square kilometers in size with 80,000 metric tons of plastic in it.

The latest attempt of removing it failed miserably and there are no current solutions to clean the ocean of plastic.

So since cure is no longer an option we have to think about prevention. Meaning, we have to think of ways to produce less garbage. More precisely, less plastic waste.

One of the biggest creators of plastic waste is supermarkets. Most of the stuff they keep is held in plastic containers and shoppers carry their items home in plastic bags.

Why Is Plastic Used so Much?

First of all, plastic is very useful when it comes to storing goods. It helps to preserve food items for a longer period of time. It also prevents us from wasting food. It is fascinating to know that wasted food has a larger carbon footprint than disposing plastic.

Plastic packages are also cheaper and much more convenient to come by.

Most of the stores in the world are already used to this concept of packaging and are not willing to change it.

So What is the Solution?

There are many solutions when it comes to removing plastic from stores and shopping but the biggest problem still lies in changing people’s way of thinking. Most of the store owners want cost-effective and convenient solutions and not really those that save the environment.

The best way would be to eliminate plastic from shopping entirely. Thus solutions like alternative, reusable or easily recyclable packaging are the best way to prevent further creation of plastic waste.

However, if people cannot let go of plastic containers they should start thinking about recycling more. Recycling is probably the best and surest way to save our planet from all the accumulated waste. This also means that easily recyclable packages should be used and more facilities for recycling need to be opened.

Finally, the best and most drastic solution are plastic-free supermarkets!

You don’t believe me? They do exist and are spreading all over the world.

The idea is to pack all the groceries and items in packages other than plastic. These are usually health stores that also provide healthy food as well. Not only that but food items packed in a non-plastic container taste a lot better. Additionally, you also get a easily-degradable bag to carry the items you have bought.

Are People Ever Going To Change?

Now, this is a good question and something that we all have to ask ourselves. For this to work, we all have to be in it and think of ways and solutions to prevent the spread of plastic waste.

It is hard to change people’s opinions particularly in a world which is run by money.

Most of the owners are blinded by the cost and see recycling as something which is not cost-effective for them. If we are able to surpass the hurdle of money we might start hoping to change for the better.

To Conclude

Our world is precious and it’s the only one that we have. We can keep squandering it like a plastic wrapper and throwing it away.

As soon as we realize what we owe to the world we will be able to save it. I just hope it is not too late.