Can AI Improve Our Body Training and Recreation?

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Today, fitness industry is one of the most lucrative industries on the planet. Being healthy and exercising is the trend now as everybody wants to look good.

However, another lucrative rapidly developing industry is Artificial Intelligence. Technology is already starting to shape our world and we are greatly dependant on it. We can do practically anything from the comfort of our homes – from buying groceries and meeting with friends online, to using Casino Sieger Bonus Code and gambling in our favorite online casino. Technology has revolutionized our lives. The next logical step in its evolution is the implementation of AI.

And If you haven’t noticed already, AI is being used in various fields and industries today.

So what do we get when we combined these two very lucrative industries?

We get AI application in fitness and recreation!

AI Usage in Sports

You might have not been aware but AI is already being used in sports. Many teams have already started implementing it to better their results and provide added safety.

The Stanford football team has even started using AI and VR to run drills so they can prepare their players for future games. Not only does it provide a great learning environment for the athletes it is also much safer as they don’t have to risk brain injury during practice.

NASCAR has also included AI in their training facilities to prepare their drivers for the race. Safety is their main concern as this is a sport where one person dies on the track every year. However, they are also cutting costs as they don’t have to repair and maintain their cars during practice sessions.

AI in Recreation

The application of AI in recreation is being done in a much greater sense in recent times. Ever since AI got to a certain level, people have started to expand its usage towards body fitness and recreation.

AI is able to provide accurate data on a person during a workout. You can get instant stats and see what exercises work better and which don’t. It also lowers the level of injury when you have advanced data on risky exercises that you might be doing.

Next, AI can in a way substitute a personal trainer. Although not quite there yet, there are programs run by AI which are supposed to help training so a person can reach his or hers fitness goal. This usage of AI is still in development and will be interesting to see where they end up with it.

AI-powered training apps are also starting to gain traction. These are probably the easiest ways to get AI in your pocket and train with it as you simply have to download it on your phone. There are countless apps with specific ways for people to train that will analyze a person’s current body and cross check it with the goals and come up with a training session or a whole set for training.

Should AI be Used for Fitness?

As things stand now, the usage of AI in physical fitness and recreation is still in its infant stage. However, it does not mean that it won’t become the norm fast.

Although some people are likely to dismiss this type of technology in training, there is no denying the possibility it may have. Much of it is credited to safety as it greatly helps in reducing injuries that most people are concerned about.

More AI training-related programs and apps are currently being developed and there is no doubt that we will see many more of them churned out really soon.

The Verdict

My opinion about this is that AI usage in recreation is positive as it provides added safety and advanced metrics that can help us reach our fitness goals faster.

However, what I am concerned about is the fact that it has the capacity to substitute humans.

Having a physical trainer beside you gives you mental support, and I don’t see AI doing that any time soon.