Best Value for Money Cars 2019

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I love my friends, but sometimes they can be too helpful for my own good. This is especially true when I’m trying to buy something, like a computer chair, a TV, or, in this case, a car. What’s interesting is that the selling point of these things usually revolves around their features, often ignoring the price. I decided to stop asking and start researching on cars with the best value-to-price ratio on the market today.

Before we begin, I should point out that, while I do love cars and was a dealer at one time, there could be a few models that I missed. Take this list more as a personal opinion than a recommendation to buy. Now, let’s see what cars we can get.

Kia Sorento

Do you have a big family? Are you trying to combine luxury with pragmatism? Well, Kia Sorrento has a few features you might enjoy. It has a relatively low price of around $26,000, depending on the dealer, the seats are comfortable, and it can hold seven people. You could at least draw 185hps from this car, though some models can go up to 290. The interior is very pleasant and its V6 engine comes with 8 gears. The reason why someone might enjoy other SUVs like the Toyota Highlander is that Kia Sorento doesn’t really excel in cargo space. Still, it is an affordable car with good fuel consumption.

Lexus ES

Seating five and putting out 302hps, Lexus ES is one of the best value-for-money cars out there. It’s spacious, kills the noise coming from the outside, looks awesome, and is safe and reliable. Its price goes around $40,000, though we must take into account that this is a luxury car, after all. The only downside comes in the form of infotainment. Some of the features of the car in this domain can only be tweaked safely when the car is standing still, as the controls can be a bit confusing to navigate. This is where voice control comes to the rescue.

Honda Fit

If you are looking for a smaller car, Honda Fit might be right up your alley.

It features a spacious interior, solid cargo space, superb fuel economy, and even automatic high beams. Because it’s small, it is a good idea not to expect too much in terms of power. It puts out about 130hps at best, but that is why it is the cheapest car on this list, going for around $17,000. Have I mentioned that the seats can shift? This is great if you are looking for just a bit of extra room for your things or friends that are on the larger side.

Kia Soul

Last, but not least, is Kia Soul. It has a decent warranty, rearview camera, voice recognition software, and a turbocharged engine. It costs $17,000-$19,000, depending on the dealer and the type of transmission. It’s the best compact car for the money in 2019. However, the fuel economy leaves a lot to be desired.