Are Shopping Malls a Thing of The Past?

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Everybody likes to purchase a new item, from hygiene products, technology, groceries, to something yummier, like snacks and candy. However, shopping has become difficult lately, due to a global pandemic. We have all felt the consequences of the said pandemic, particularly in 2020 and 2021. Social activities have suffered, let alone normal everyday occurrences such as shopping.

Large, humongous shopping centers might become obsolete if people are not allowed to meet. Let us see whether that is the case.

Shopping Malls Are Large – They Have Lots of Room

When you think of shopping malls, you often think of something ludicrously large, with lots of room to spare. Shopping malls are often safer than most local stores, mostly due to their size. They allow a larger number of people to be indoors, but due to the size and variety of malls, the said people can have a larger distance between them. Most shopping malls have more stories and can therefore distance people vertically and horizontally.

Even though shopping malls are closed spaces that require ventilation, it is pretty clear that there is enough room for them to be viable, safe and for the stores to have profit.

Shopping Malls Attract a Lot of People

A counter argument to size is that there will surely be a lot of people inside a mall. Malls are built with one purpose, to get consumers to shop and spend their money. Attractive and strategically designed windows that entice customers are just one of the things that can make malls problematic.

The problem with malls is during the holiday season or at any time when there are huge discounts. Everybody has seen videos of people rushing into a mall on Black Friday to purchase as many things as they can for a fraction of their original price. 

This makes malls even more dangerous as they will have more stores offering large discounts and due to their size, they will be able to host more people. It is very difficult to stop a mass of people trying to get their hands on a new smartphone.

It Depends on the Country, City and Current Status

Even though the pandemic is still moving through the world and ravaging it in a way, the situation is not the same in every country, nor every city. Given the varying status of the pandemic, people handle things differently and in some countries, more people are allowed to enter malls.

There are countries where lockdowns are in place, more frequently than in others and in those countries, shopping malls are as closed as they can be. Only essential stores are open and at certain times. 

Shopping malls will still be here, but they might have a harder time, depending on the country and pandemic status.