4 Amazing Apps for Car Lovers

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In today’s world, it’s necessary to have a hobby. It means that for a short time we get to do what we like and relax. For some people, a hobby is checking out how to register to สมัครสมาชิก bk8 and other similar platforms. For others, it’s painting and taking photos. And there are people who simply love cars.

Every car fan knows the thrill of buying that first dream car. However, modern drivers can also benefit from certain car apps that can help save some money and time while having fun. So if you are a car and tech enthusiast, here are the apps that you absolutely must have.


If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest road hazards, traffic jams, or even accidents, so you can plan the fastest route to your destination, then you might consider downloading Waze. This is one of the best navigation apps in the world, and it uses real-time traffic information to notify its users about anything happening on the road. What is more, with Waze you will know where to buy the cheapest gas, which can be really useful, especially if you are driving around a new city or country. Additionally, you can connect your Facebook profile with your Waze account, and in this way, you will know where your friends are driving. 


If you considered getting a dashcam, you should think twice, because now you can transform your iPhone into one by downloading the Carcorder app. This amazing app will turn your iOS device into a dashcam within seconds, so you can record any accidents or maybe even catch some extraordinary footage while driving. Carcorder has several interesting options like switching between resolutions, getting notified if you’re driving too fast, and others. However, this app doesn’t come free of charge. So, for a minor fee, you can have a dashcam right now. 


With GasBuddy, you will know where to buy the cheapest gas at all times. All this app needs is your zip code, city, and current location so it can help you find a gas station with the lowest prices in your area. Additionally, you can use different features like brand, price, and location to filter out undesirable searches. You can also use this app to find the nearest gas station with a restroom, restaurant, or car wash. Another interesting feature of this GasBuddy is that it alerts you when the prices of gas will go up. GasBuddy is available for both Android and iOS devices. 


This app is ideal for any car enthusiast who likes to browse for the latest models. Cars.com is a free-of-charge app that is available for both Android and iOS devices and it can help you see which cars are available at local dealers. You can filter your search by brand and by model, and even compare up to three vehicles, side by side. Furthermore, you can get the latest reviews from various sources, and even use a special loan calculator to know how much your monthly rate will be.